Australian authorities have raised concerns with Burma about the deportation of two Australian journalists from the country.
The Australian film crew were arrested and taken to a Burma airport by local authorities to be deported on Thursday night, despite the fact they held long-stay visas.
The crew was working on a documentary about independent media in South-East Asia, including the Myanmar Times newspaper and its Australian editor Ross Dunkley.
A Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) spokesman said consular officials in Rangoon met the pair before they left and confirmed their well-being.
But the department says it holds concerns about the pair's deportation.
"We have raised the matter at a senior level in Rangoon, stressing that, in keeping with the provisions of the Vienna Conventions, we expect the Burmese authorities to advise the Australian Embassy immediately if an Australian citizen is detained by them," the spokesman said.
Reporting from Burma is notoriously difficult for journalists and many have been arrested and deported during the recent election period.